FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and FACES Ultime Eye Crayon Review and Swatches

FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and Eye Crayon review and swatches

There are times when you don’t really pay attention to a certain brand and have pre-conceived notions about it. And then you come across some products from that very brand that make you sit up and realise that you were probably missing out on a lot of great products because of that bias. I am talking about FACES, a brand that I never gave much thought to. Recently, they sent me some of their new launches, some shades from the FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and  FACES Ultime Pro Eye Crayon and I was so impressed that these products are all I have been wearing since the last 10 days! You must have seen me rave about them on Instagram here and here.

FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and FACES Ultime Pro Eye Crayon Review and Swatches

FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and Eye Crayon review and swatch

About the FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon

“Faces Ultime Pro Lip Crayon may remind you of the crayons we grew up playing with, but this innovation of smooth lip colour in crayon form helps you dress up your lips in the flash of a second without even a mirror! Another one of the many firsts from FACES is the Starry Matte finish focussing on subtle glam for that extra luxe. Available in two different finishes, the FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon comes in four super hot shades of Starry Matte and six sizzling shades of Matte. Dermatologically tested and paraben-free.”

FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and Eye Crayon review and swatches

About the FACES Ultime Pro Eye Crayon

“Get gleaming eyes with the launch of the all new Faces Ultime Pro Eye Crayon that will light up your eyes in an instant. This new-age multi-tasking eye crayon doubles up both as an eye shadow and an eye liner. Easy to apply and even easier to carry, it gives a flattering finish, is waterproof, easy to blend, non-sticky and long-lasting. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, these wax-based crayons are free of paraffin and preservatives.”

FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and Eye Crayon Review and Swatches

FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and Eye Crayon review and swatches

The FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayons and Eye Crayons are fat pencils with a transparent cap and a body the same colour as the shade which makes it really easy to find the shade you want if you have a bunch of these. They aren’t the twist-up kind though; these lip and eye crayons need to be sharpened and that is something I dislike.

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True to claim, these crayons are super soft and smooth and simply glide onto the eyes and lips, no tugging needed. In fact they are so soft that while trying to remove the plastic wrapping from one of the crayons, I tugged a bit too hard and the cap came off breaking the tip of the crayon in the process. The texture is very comfortable on the lips unlike most matte lipsticks that feel very dry. Full marks for the soft, smooth texture that gives a proper matte finish too!

Pigmentation is another area where the Faces Ultime Pro crayons score full marks. As you will see in the swatches, the pigmentation is truly wonderful and goes opaque in one swipe.

FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and Eye Crayon review and swatches

Peach Me and Midnight Rose are the Matte Lip Crayons while Sugar Coated and Hot Wired are the Starry Matte ones. The Starry Mattes have a faint gold shimmer in them which you can see in the swatches but aren’t very visible in the swatches. The shimmer is very fine and doesn’t feel gritty or look chunky. In fact, it is barely noticeable on the lips too, except in bright sunlight, but it does give an added dimension to the look. I took loads of pictures under different light conditions trying to capture the shimmer but it really just wouldn’t show up.

While the lip crayons are long-lasting, they do transfer a bit onto cups and glasses. And if you eat something, then it fades off almost completely from the inner rim leaving you with just outlined lips. Without eating, it lasted me for 6+ hours, surviving through water and coffee till I finally had dinner. But not once does it make your lips feel dry or uncomfortable.

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Since these are mattes, they do tend to cling to dry, rough patches on your lips so you need to make sure you exfoliate your lips and apply lip balm before wearing this lip crayon.

FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and Eye Crayon review and swatches

I took this picture in bright afternoon sunlight to capture the shimmer in the Starry Matte lipstick. I am wearing Sugar Coated and the colour looks a bit different because of the harsh sunlight. The shimmer too, appears to be silver while it is actually faint gold.

The FACES Ultime Eye Crayon is also excellent in terms of smoothness, longevity and pigmentation. These crayons are really soft and smooth, glide on without tugging and are beautifully pigmented. They are very easy to apply as eye liners though if you want to apply them as eye shadows and blend two colours, then you need to be very quick. Because these set pretty fast and once they are set, they DO NOT BUDGE!!! Even after 8 hours, you will find the it intact and will have to remove it with a proper makeup remover.

FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and Eye Crayon review and swatches

The two shades that I got in the Eye Crayons; Night Fever – a beautiful gold, and She’s Got D Look – a dark grey – are both lovely shades for the festive and party season. I have got my eyes on Dancing Queen now, which is a grey with shimmer in it; perfect for a shimmery smoky eye for parties.

Even in the swatches on my wrist, while the lip crayons did smudge a bit and transferred onto my clothes, the eye crayon swatches stayed intact till I removed them all with a makeup removing wipe. So if you need a long lasting, smudge proof eye shadow/liner, you must check these out.

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FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and Eye Crayon review and swatches
Wearing She’s Got D Look on my eyes and Sugar Coated on my lips.

The FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayons are priced at ₹799 while the Eye Crayons are priced at ₹599. Really good value for money I would say since these perform better than others in this price range. And better than even some more expensive ones.

FACES Ultime Pro Lip Crayon and Eye Crayon review and swatches

I only wish there were more shades in the eye crayons, like a shimmery black, a deep aubergine purple, an emerald green, a sapphire blue…. Hope the FACES team reads this review and launches more shades in the eye crayons. The lip crayons too are lovely and it would be great to have a couple of dusty rose and nude shades in that collection. Overall, a really nice product that made me sit up and take notice of the brand. I really like the fact that these are paraben free too. Do check them out. And let me know in the comments below which shades you liked.

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    WOW! loved ur pix Dolly… These look really promising… Gonna try them soon..

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      Thanks Tarry. Do check them out, they are worth buying.

  2. The shades are super gorgeous.. These look really worth trying..

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