Davidoff Cool Water Sensual Essence EDP – A Sensuous Fragrance For Hot Summers

Davidoff Cool Water Sensual Essence EDP Review

When I was in college, the Davidoff Cool Water fragrance was pretty ubiquitous. So many of my friends and classmates were wearing this fragrance which happens to be a very identifiable one. Most of the fragrances smell different on different people but one sniff and I could make out that the person was wearing Cool […]

CK Eternity Summer – A Fresh, Floral Fragrance For Hot, Humid Days

CK Eternity Summer review

When the weather is really hot and humid, like it is in Mumbai right now, even your usual favourite fragrances start feeling heavy and cloying. Especially,  if like me, your choice in fragrances leans towards warm, sensual, musky ones. Since my bottle of Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean was over, I had gone to buy another one […]